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September 27, 2009

AMS / NOS Mitsubishi EVO Takes Spring Moutain with StopTech Brakes

The AMS/NOS Energy Drink Time Attack Team’s Mitsubishi EVO X enjoyed a September victory on StopTech brakes at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada for the 7th round of the Redline Time Attack series.

The team overcame what would normally be considered a comedy of errors if so much wasn’t on the line. The car severely overheated on Saturday when the alternator bracket broke causing the belt and water pump to stop running. After patching things together for Sunday it was determined that the engine was running on 3 cylinders due to the overheating on Saturday.

Having traveled almost 2000 miles, the AMS/NOS Energy Drink Team wasn't about to give up. Tuner Martin Musial tweaked the tune trying to extract more power out of the hurt engine and a fresh set of BFG tires were put on for the first timed session.

Driver Paul Gerard knew he had to set a fast time right away as the engine problems were probably going to get worse. With only a few hot laps under his belt the whole weekend, Paul laid down a quick 2:18.005 lap. Good thing because after the first hot lap the alternator fix let go right after the start/finish line putting the car out of action. Luckily his time was enough to secure a first place finish in unlimited all wheel drive, 3.5 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor.

The AMS/NOS Energy Drink Mitsubishi EVO X was outfitted with BBKs that includes StopTech performance rotors and the cutting edge StopTech Trophy calipers. AMS has accumulated over 40 victories in road racing and hill climbs in 2008, and looks to best that in 2009. Way to go guys!

September 10, 2009

Team StopTech: Euro Edition

We just got word that StopTech’s Trophy Brake System scored its first race victory across the pond, at least that we know of. Euro-tuners Raeder Motorsport is reporting a very successful weekend with their StopTech Trophy-equipped Audi A3. Where? Nurburgring of course. More specifically, on the long VLN Nurburgring track which is the Nordschleife plus the GP circuit.

The first success came on Friday when the A3 set the VLN lap record for a front-wheel drive car. During the training session, Christoph Breuer piloted the A3 through the 24.43 km track with a StopTech STR kit installed in only 8:56.487.

At the next day’s VLN race, the StopTech-equipped A3 took the turns to victory in its class. For those of you looking for a quick German or racing history lesson, VLN stands for Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nurburgring and
this Wikipedia link should help.

September 1, 2009

StopTech and Power Slot Make a Move at SEMA 2009

Those of you heading to SEMA in Las Vegas this year are, as always, encouraged to stop by the StopTech and Power Slot booth at the show. This year you’ll need to look in a different spot.

The hard-to-get-a-bead-on location of last year has been abandoned for booth #22387 closer to the front of the Hot Rod / Racing / Restoration Hall. Instead of concession stands and communal dining tables, StopTech will be setting up shop in the shadow of Ford Motor Company. That’s a literal statement considering that the 400’ X 55’ Ford Booth is right above where the hall level splits, with StopTech will be right below it.

The meetings, and racing season, are not over yet but it looks like Dino Crescentini’s SCCA SPEED World Challenge car will be parked in the booth. This beautiful GMG Racing Porsche 911 GT3 was rebuilt from the ground up after a crash at Long Beach yet took first place during its next race at Watkins Glen piloted by the StopTech CEO .

If you miss SEMA this year, there will be another video recap posted on the Centric Parts website by the following week. If you are feeling nostalgic for SEMA 2008 and have 5 minutes to kill, check out last year’s video recap…

The news that will be announced at SEMA by StopTech and Power Slot, plus some big news from Centric Parts to be revealed at AAPEX booth #9232 across town, has been ironed out and internally the level of excitement has never been higher for the annual trip to the desert.