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April 21, 2011

Photos from the last day of the 2011 Long Beach Grand Prix

Some shots from the last day (Sunday) of the Grand Prix of Long Beach.  Photos by Danger Dave...

The final day of the 2011 Grand Prix of Long Beach 
brought crowds and clouds for a fun but chilly day of racing.
The crowds gather along the starting line grandstand.

The StopTech Porsche GT3 Cup car 
gets a push across the expo floor from the 
GMG garage to the World Challenge inspection station.
Checking to make sure the StopTech Porsche 
meets the required specs of the World Challenge rules
...including ground clearance.

Meanwhile, the other (2008) StopTech Porsche
sits out the race on display in the Pirelli booth

This Vette is gonna need a little work 
before it's track ready. Bet it's light though!

The thing about the Porsche is that working 
on the rear engine is like packing your luggage 
after you put it in the overhead bin.

Any Indy car gets towed through the crowds in the paddock zone.

We have video of these guys changing
those tires in the blink of an eye.

 So much green.
Pit Row half an hour before the Indy race
That's a lot of pace cars.

Indy cars also make cool helmet racks.

The Indy cars roll onto the grid 
for the start of... a media frenzy.

Everything is better with giant plumes of flame.

We hope these Air Force pilots buzzing 
the start of the Indy race see that 
giant palm tree in front of them.

going for a Sunday drive
One of many StopTech equipped cars in the 
2011 World Challenge of Long Beach (presented by StopTech)
rolls out towards the track for the race.
Centric Parts / StopTech CEO gets comfy in the 
StopTech Porsche just before rolling onto the track

The cars are lined up for the start of the 
World Challenge of Long Beach presented by StopTech

 James Sofronas of GMG Racing fell back after a 5th place 
start bobble, then fought his way up to 2nd place 
closing in on the lead when the final flag flew. 
His inspired and award winning performance
was in a StopTech equipped Porsche.

James Sofronas of GMG Racing on the podium  after a great race

Great driving with great brakes  gets you media love.

April 20, 2011

Photos from Day 2 of the 2011 Long Beach Grand Prix

Some more photos from day 2 of the 2011 Long Beach Grand Prix.  Photos by Danger Dave.

Another crazy beautiful day in Long Beach for racing!

The day kicked off with practice sessions for the Indy drivers.
The big event of the day was the Pro / Celebrity race

Drivers and media pile onto the start grid
before the Pro / Celebrity race

Pole Sitter William Fichtner (Blackhawk Down, Entourage)
chats it up before the race 

Every car in the Pro / Celebrity race was
a modified Scion tC with StopTech brakes.

Hey Sons of Anarchy fans!
Here is Kim Coats getting ready to race

Tito Ortiz is a big man for a small Scion.

A skydiver aims for the starting grid
just before the Pro / Celebrity race

Ready to roll!

William Fichtner wins the Pro / Celebrity race overall, even holding off Japanese drifter Ken Gushi who came in first for the pros.
Nice gas station in the middle of the paddocks

The Indy rescue vehicles had StopTech brakes and made for a postcard perfect picture in the staging area.

These guys have to whip around the Long Beach Grand Prix track
at speed with a heavy pickup truck in hazard situations.
Guess they need great brakes!

A two seater Indy car. Bet it makes one hell
of a taxi when you are late to the airport.
Just leave your luggage home.

The Long Beach Convention center was surrounded by the track
but had plenty of race related activities going on.

It was very crowded (with fun) in the expo at the Long Beach
convention center during the race weekend.

Centric Parts / StopTech CEO (and GMG Racing driver)
Dino Crescentini has a laugh during
the autograph sessions for the racers.

Younger racers had an option too...

There were Indy cars littering the staging areas all day.

Now that is a complex steering wheel.
Which one changes the radio station?

The American Le Mans series had a race as
part of the weekend. They bring the coolest cars!

The great thing about American Le Mans races
is you see cars like this share the field with
Indy racers, production BMWs, concept cars
- a real mashup of racing goodness.

Pit Row gets all types of cars during the American Le Mans races.

Meanwhile the StopTech techs 
get the cars ready for the next day's big race .

April 18, 2011

Photos from Friday at the 2011 Long Beach Grand Prix

Our favorite photos from the first day of the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Photos by Danger Dave...

A beautiful day in Long Beach, California kicks off a great weekend of racing!

The street track encircles the Long Beach Convention Center, several hotels, bars, restaurants, and a man-made lake.
StopTech brakes are used on the pace cars.

Packed in like a sardine.

There was lots of Indy practice sessions on the first day.

Usually there might be some soda cans tossed on the street but this weekend is a different story.

How much do you think a tank of gas costs these guys?

Is that Danica?

Yes it is Danica.

A soap star and former race winner gets ready for some practice laps before Saturday's Pro/Celebrity race.

Every driver in the Pro/Celebrity race drives a Toyota Scion modified for racing with StopTech brakes.

Kevin Jonas was one of the rookie drivers this year

Tito Ortiz barely fits into his Scion for the Pro/Celebrity laps

There was plenty of food for the fans, ranging from moderately unhealthy to very unhealthy, but all very tasty. Live the dream!

The StopTech Porsche rests up for a practice round in the GMG garage inside the exhibit hall.

The Sofronas steed gets ready for practice

All Aboard!

Yes, that is Centric Parts big brain Steve Ruiz, head engineer for StopTech.

Taking practice laps...

It may look like Dino is parked, but trust us that he is whipping around that corner like all get out...

Looking good racing through the neighborhood at the Long Beach Grand Prix practice session