Presented by Centric Parts and its StopTech performance and racing division

October 13, 2010

Behind the Scenes: StopTech Test Track Day

StopTech rolled out to Willow Springs Raceway in the California desert to do some brake tests on The Streets race track. They bought a pair of cars along for the day.

First was a 2004 Z06 Corvette that had been modified for T1 racing. The other was one of the StopTech Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars, which was used in World Challenge racing.

They also brought along some cameras, both for on the car and off, to document the day. Check out this 5 minute behind the scenes video that wraps up with some pretty exciting on-car footage from the Porsche...

The day started off early with about 15 minutes of rain, which was enough to plant a rainbow over the track for part of the morning.

The Porsche arrived first but the sensors for the test didn't.  While those were being brought up from the StopTech garage in the Los Angeles area, the Vette was prepped and put through it paces.

It ran several warm-up laps which actually brought it to the point of overheating.  Then the vehicle ran through a series of rapid decelerations, from as much as 100mph down to zippo.  The footage in the video is of the first series when the car was still wearing stock brakes. 

While those cooled down enough to be swapped out for something StopTech is working on, the Porsche was turned loose on the track.  StopTech CEO Dino Crescentini took the wheel and started with a pair of warm up laps.  The video is actually from those laps.  He pulled in for a few adjustments before going full throttle for several laps.

While that data was downloaded, the now StopTech equipped T1 Corvette took to the track to repeat the tests for the morning...with better results.

It was a long, beautiful and rewarding day, but just another day for the StopTech product development team.