Presented by Centric Parts and its StopTech performance and racing division

April 5, 2010

Shhhh. The Brake Room has a Secret...

Back when 2008 was drawing to a close, StopTech, the ultra performance division of Centric Parts, had only one series of Big Brake Kits. The StopTech Big Brake Kit is a great example of car stopping engineering. Several patents come together to provide shorter stopping distances and more bite from the brake pedal either on the road or track.

Then SEMA 2008 rolled along and the company announced a second series of BBKs; The StopTech Trophy Big Brake Kit. These top-of-the-line offerings were designed to operate on the track only and featured ultra-lightweight calipers with an eye catching machined finish. They made their debut a few months later when StopTech CEO Dino Crescentini took them out for a qualifying run during the SCCA season opener at Sebring and landed a pole position start. What followed was a season full of victories and successes for the StopTech Trophy BBK.

When SEMA 2009 hit, the company announced a third series of BBKs. The StopTech Trophy Sport Big Brake Kits bridged the gap between the two other BBKs by bringing additions to the track-only kit such as silicone dust boots for the ultra-lightweight caliper and adjustments to the patented AeroRotors that provided a street-friendly ride for those who take their serious track vehicle on the road.

Well, as a reader of The Brake Room, you are now among the first to get a heads up that StopTech is about to do it again. The ultra-performance division of Centric Parts is about to announce its fourth series of Big Brake Kits. No need to wait until SEMA this year but you will have to hold on a little longer for the details, unless you can wrestle them out of your StopTech representative. Let's just say the new BBKs will bring StopTech performance, innovation and quality to larger number of drivers.

Check back here soon for the details!