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November 22, 2010

Porsche Club of America Reception Behind the Scenes

Today we have a guest blogger:  Roy Lock of the PCA Zone 8 (Porsche Club of America)...

Celebrating 60 Years Of Porsche Passion In America; PCA Zone 8 Reception
One afternoon, Lennie Yee called with a simple request. I thought it would be easy to honor. However, the more I thought about it, the more I saw a larger scope of what needed to be done. The original request was to ask Dan Lelchuk (President of StopTech and Centric Parts) if he could bring Dino’s 2010 StopTech GT3 Cup Car (CEO of StopTech and Centric Parts) for a display. Previously, Michael Dolphin had asked Pacific Porsche to host a reception for PCA Executives who were in town for meetings. Additionally, they wanted meet Zone 8 members. Members from Porsche AG, also in town for the Los Angeles Auto Show were also going to be in attendance for the meetings.

In my crazed way of thinking, I cannot have just one car. Thus began

10 days of nonstop planning for a memorable display to support Lennie, Michael, and Zone 8. Prior to this, Lennie had told me that he was making it a theme reception; “Celebrating 60 Years of Passion in America.” My mad quest began to find examples of Porsche racing heritage that exemplified those 60 years of passion.

However, I had to put “My” maniacal twist to this display. I knew within the Grand Prix Region of PCA we had many very nice examples for the display. That was going to be the basis of my theme; Porsche race cars from Grand Prix Region members. Most importantly, I wanted no clone cars; they all had to be original examples. No small task.

I did a quick mental check of my Rolodex of friends and cars within the Grand Prix Region. I knew I could depend on friends to help. Wayne Dempsey of Pelican Parts came forward with his 962, Dan Lelchuk and Dino Crescentini with Dino’s 2010 StopTech GT3 Cup Car, Bruce Brown and Rob Curry with Rob’s 2009 and 2010 La Carrera Panamericana class winning ’62 Jiffy Lube 356 Rally Coupe, Rolly Resos with his 62 Carrera 2 Coupe, and Marc Bixen and Ernie Becker’s Redline Technik stunning historic ’73 Martini 2.8 RSR. Others had offered to help with display cars, but the rain had dampened those plans. All in all, it was a very nice line up of cars.

Lennie and Michael gave me free reign to gather the cars and setup the display. I had 10 days to pull this off. I believe we did not disappoint anyone. The event was extremely well attended with well over 200 guests coming out on a rainy SoCal night. Every guest went home happy as Pacific Porsche gave away themed gift bags to all who attended.

Here are some of my pictures of the cars.

Marc Bixen and Lennie Yee positioning the RSR. This car is very unique. It has an impressive race history. It is restored by the current owner to 2.8 RSR specs. The tub started its life as a 1973 2.8 RSR. It was converted into the 2.1 liter Turbo prototype, thus it is THE first Porsche turbo ever produced; racing or production. The current owner decided to restore it as a 2.8 RSR.  I love that duck tail. The Martini colors are the original race colors.

Steve Ruiz (StopTech Director of Engineering) and son Andrew positioning Dino’s StopTech GT3 Cup Car.

Rolly’s very nice concours winning 1962 Carrera 2 Coupe in great company

Wayne’s 962 /  Bruce and Rob’s Jiffy Lube Special ’62 356 Rally Coupe / Dan and Dino’s 2010 StopTech 911 GT3 Cup Car

The display was well presented. All the cars were arranged in a loose circle to allow guests to wander around the cars freely and take pictures as well as get a close up look. It was stunning. The guests were amazed when told all the display cars came from Grand Prix Region member’s collections.

Here are some pictures of the individual cars.


When it ended, Lennie, Michael and I collapsed from emotional as well as physical exhaustion. We pulled it off. Everyone was happy as we had worked as a team and pulled it off.

When the cars were being loaded into their trailers to be transported home, I saw the opportunity for this photograph. I could only wish in my dreams that this is my garage with my toys. Maybe Santa will be good to me this year.

Again thanks to all my friends who supported the event by supporting the display and all those who came out on a rainy night.