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May 4, 2011

Car Scenes - Cool Cars in Short Vids

A few months ago, StopTech rolled out its first "Car Scene" video.  Since then there have been several instalments to the series.  Each one is a short video featuring a quick look either one or group of cool cars.

Several of these first ones were shot at the SEMA show.  This is the biggest trade event for the automotive aftermarket, held every November in Las Vegas.  Se we are celebrating the SEMA Solstice this week, which a term we quite frankly invented for the first week in May which represents the midpoint between the last and next SEMA show.

To mark the occassion we are embedding the entire Car Scenes video series so far into this post, starting first with the brand new installment featuring five more cars from SEMA, all wearing StopTech brakes. As a bonus we will wrap it up with a reposting of the "SEMA Scene" video which was essentuially the pilot for what became the "Car Scenes" series.