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April 11, 2012

Look For Centric Parts at the end of YOUR Rainbow

Arriving at work on a gloomy Wednesday morning, our employees were greeted by the above sight. Struck by the image, Danee Han of sales snapped a quick pic and sent it out to the team. While your first reaction to the image might be, "What a beautiful rainbow!" our first response was, "Even Mother Nature appreciates Centric Parts." To most of our customers, Centric is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow - offering products and services that far outreach expectations.

Having to replace brake pads, rotors, hoses, lines, hydraulics or any other brake or clutch component is never a fun experience for the consumer. The gloom of having to deal with an unexpected problem - or finally dealing with something they've tried to put off as long as possible - can be an unpleasant experience...unless they choose Centric Parts.

When choosing Centric Parts, consumers quickly discover what technicians have known for a long time - Using Centric Parts products will result in the most trouble-free repair or upgrade around. From our PosiQuiet Pads that include a full application-specific hardware kit in every box, to advanced metallurgy High Carbon Rotors that greatly reduce the possibility of pad squeal - especially with higher friction, European style brake pad compounds - Centric Parts products deliver the most trouble-free and cost-effective braking in the marketplace.

With Centric's exhaustive coverage of tens of thousands of applications for1937-2013 model year vehicles and better than 90% fill rate, Centric has the part you need when you need it - and customers will have the best quality brake components in the world to keep them safe and in control in any braking conditions. It's a nice surprise waiting at the end of the gloom.