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May 15, 2015

Fancy Calipers

We see some really unusual and cool things here on a pretty regular basis, but this one really stands out. We just rebuilt a set of these calipers for a customer and it's pretty obvious that somebody spent an incredible amount of time and $$$ to get this looking just right.

As we understand, it’s a type of photo-etching process that involves a wax film with the design on it, laid over the polished chrome body and then an acid solution etches out the various design elements, giving it a 3-dimensional texture.

Apparently, they’re going on some kind of Cadillac show car, according to Senior Technical Specialist, Will Pringle. "I can only imagine what the rest of the car looks like: Texas Longhorn steer antlers out on the hood, cowhide seats and a matching pair of chromed Colt 45s on the console, maybe?"

Whatever show vehicle it ends up going on, we couldn't resist showing off this craftsmanship.